Since the tender age of four, Hannah Z. has had an eye for art and fashion, but her art career didn’t officially take off until around age six. Her first drawing was of the famed Cinderella and it was very good. In fact, it was so good that Hannah Z. had to draw it all over again while the family looked on in awe!

Fast forward ten years and Hannah Z.’s art career has not only earned her international art sales and recognition but has landed her an interview on the Today Show featuring her unique one of a kind art as one of America’s Best Young Artist at age 11.

Memorable Artwork


"In Honor of Monet"

Pastel @ Age 7


"Sunset On The Sand"

Pastel @ Age 6


"In Honor of Van Gogh"

Pastel @ Age 6


"Art Has Eyes "

Acrylic on Wood @ Age 11


"Prissy Poodle"

Mixed Media Art @ age 10