The Nowprenette Movement

Following the principles her family and mentors taught her that Hannah Z. has set as the Principles of the Nowprenette, has pushed her to great accomplishments including graduating at age 15 and being a trailblazer in young business owners as one of America’s Youngest Retail Business Owners.  Hannah Z. has also used her platform to become a trailblazer in connecting with adult business and government leaders by becoming involved with the Chamber of Commerce, being one of the youngest members.


Hannah Z.’s definition of a “Nowprenette”, is an entrepreneur who does not base or value their willingness to be successful due to the most common obstacles:




These are some of the three top issues that Hannah Z. had to battle among other things in her goal of owning her business and building her brand.  Wanting to own your business at age 7 was a lot harder ten years ago because there were fewer young entrepreneurs and fewer adults willing to work with them based on their age, lack of capital and of course lack of experience. 

That is why Hannah Z. has made it her mission to share everything she and her mother documented in order to help make it easier for other young entrepreneurs or someone of any age to begin their journey to becoming a “Nowprenette”.

Principles of the


Having a passion for what you want to do in life is the “heart” of being a successful nowprenette.  Success is almost impossible without a true passion, purpose, dream or vision to guide you.


Every successful idea involves taking risks.  In order to become a nowprenette you must be prepared to take risks when it comes to your business.  A successful nowpreneur is not only willing to take risks but is confident that their choice will take their business to the next level.  No confidence means no success.


When starting a business, having laser focus is key.  Even though you may have big plans to be the next Warren Buffet, successful entrepreneurs began with only one business in mind and after achieving success there, only then did they move on to their next achievement.


The ability to remain determined under any circumstances in the mission to create your own vision is one of the main veins to a successful business and personal life.