“I share my story – the good and the bad because I want others to know what the other end of failure looks like.”

– Hannah Z.

Speaking to Valiant Cross Academy Students

Hannah Z.’s successes as young artist and entrepreneur have not come without its challenges.

That is why she enjoys sharing her story with others. Children and adults alike have been truly inspired and motivated by Hannah Z.’s often adventurous story of how she became Hannah Z. She also shares how she endured adversities such as bullying, age and racial discrimination to become one of the most successful self-made young entrepreneurs in America.

Speaking with Senior Citizens

Speaking at the University of West Alabama’s Y.E.S. Summit

Hannah Z.’s Speaking Circuit includes schools, universities, colleges, nonprofit organizations, seminars, workshops, summits, career days and pep rallies. Hannah Z. has been privileged to speak at universities, private and public schools, summer camps, and chamber of commerce events. She has even partnered with establishments such as Auburn University and the University of West Alabama to help encourage, inspire and motivate all ages in becoming an entrepreneur.


Hannah Z.’s versatile speaking has reached the ears of all ages; from preschoolers to the elderly, she inspires, encourages and motivates all to follow their passion to do what they love.

The Art of Squeezing Lemons

Hannah Z. talks about how she created a "lemonade method" to launch her entrepreneurial career.

Be The Nowpreneur

Hannah Z. speaks about the journey she took in order to carve a unique path to becoming one of America's Youngest Retail Business Owners.

S.E.L.F. Made

In this motivational topic, Hannah Z. explains the benefits of being
S. E.L. F. Made: Successful Entrepreneurs Live Freely

The Change Project

One of the largest parts of change is becoming a leader in the change that you want to see.

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