Hannah Z.


Hannah Walton is an 18-year-old artist, actress, designer, and serial entrepreneur. Painting since age 6, Hannah has used her self-taught artistic talents to become one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the state of Alabama as well as one of the youngest philanthropists.

Hannah is won many awards and recognition for not only her art but also for her achievements in her philanthropy work for art education and advocacy for pancreatic cancer research. Some awards to date are Land’s End Winter Art Contest and Kohl’s Kids Care Scholarship Winner She is also the youngest member of the Chamber of Commerce in Alabama and Georgia, and is one of America’s Youngest Retail Business Owners and works closely with her community.




Hannah Z.’s art career has not only earned her international art sales and recognition but has landed her an interview on the Today Show featuring her unique one of a kind art. Staying true to her unique beaded and hand painted pieces, Hannah Z. landed a semi-finalist spot of Project Runway, Jr. and made her Fashion Week debut at D. C. Fashion Week at age fourteen.


Hannah Z. is nationally known for her nonprofit work for free Art Education and Pancreatic Cancer Research.  She founded her first nonprofit at age 8 and is actively involved in not only her nonprofit organizations but also with other causes such as bullying and youth mentoring.

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Hannah Z. is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in America.  She is the Founder and CEO of three successful businesses, holds the title of Founder/Editor-in-Chief of a young entrepreneur magazine, children’s book illustrator, and the author of two business books.