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The Artist

Artful Beginnings

Since the tender age of four, Hannah Z. has had an eye for art and fashion, but her art career didn’t officially take off until around age six.

Her first drawing was of the famed Cinderella and it was very good. In fact, it was so good that Hannah Z. had to draw it all over again while the family looked on in awe!  

Fast forward five years and Hannah Z.’s art career has not only earned her international art sales and recognition but has landed her an interview on the Today Show featuring her unique one of a kind art.

It was in New York City that Hannah Z.’s colorful art attracted the attention of many fashion lovers and to their request, her first clothing line, Hannah Z. was born.

The Makings of a Trendsetter

Hannah Z.’s one of a kind, mostly hand painted pieces were noticed by not only celebrities but by the producers of Project Runway, Jr. and in 2016 Hannah was named a semi-finalist.

It also has provided invitations to show at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, L.A. Fashion Week, and D. C. Fashion Week.

Hannah Z. made her Fashion Week debut at D. C. Fashion Week at age fourteen. 

Hannah Z.’s clothing labels include a men and women’s motivational tee shirt line, a women’s clothing company, Daughters of Eve, and will be expanding to include Special Occasion and Bridal Wear in Spring 2018.

Hannah Z. also hosts an online and private art gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.